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Your massage experience will be integrated & customized with techniques designed to follow your body and release tight restrictions found in the muscle groups. The session begins with light pressure to warm up the muscle tissue, then gradually increases in depth and pressure to your level of comfort. This technique gently encourages the muscles to soften and relax.  This is the perfect soothing massage to releave stress, pain and balance the body restoring a feeling

of wholeness and well being.  

Main ServicesOffered

Himalayan Salt Rock Massage

Himalayan Salt Rock has long been known to clean the air and promote better breathing. This soothing massage helps to draw out toxins from the muscles and facilitate a sense of healing and wellness while relaxing and renewing 

Body-Mind and Spirit


Sessions are Available in

Increments of


               30 Minutes at $35.00

               60 Minutes at $70.00

               90 Minutes at $105.00

Offered on Select Days 

Mon- Wed- Fri 

Chair Massage Express

Ten Minutes for $10

11:30 to 12:45

Integrated Swedish Massage 

Integrated Cranial Sacral Therapy

Allow your body to decompress with the ultimate feel better massage treatment. Our massage technique is integrated and customized, designed to follow your body by assessing tightness and restrictions found in the muscle groups. This massage is designed to  

Relax-Restore and Soothe 

your Body Mind and Spirit

This technique is designed to release energetic physical and emotional energy blocks enabling deep relaxation and releasing anxiety facilitating a calming effect to the

body-mind and spirit

Other Services

 Pregnancy Massage -

Sports Massage-

Injury Soft Tissue Energy Release-

Anxiety Somatic Emotional Release-

Business Stress Relief Chair Massage

Currently Accepting Apprenticeship Applications
Preparatory Educational Apprenticeship 
Course for Massage
Limited Spaces Available

Stress Relief
Descriptinof Services


1470 North Main Street - Suite C - Bountiful Utah 84010

For Appointment-Text: 801-694-2325 

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